About MSAC

What is the McGill Students’ Anime Club? A space for anime lovers at McGill and the greater Montreal area to meetup? In brief, yes. However, the McGill Students’ Anime Club is much more than that. We aim to promote anime and manga Japanese subculture at McGill University while creating a network that allows members to discuss their shared interests in anime, manga, and related subjects. Ultimately, we aim to create, celebrate, and maintain the anime, manga, and Japanese pop-culture subculture here at McGill, encouraging and fostering participation in the broader anime and manga community. We know we’re a niche club, and we love it, yet we also want to create a space where anyone can enter and enjoy this art form and media and feel welcomed!

As a member of M.S.A.C, you are eligible to attend all our events. Paid membership allows you extra perks at said events as well as discounts with our sponsors. All contributions go back into creating amazing and fun events for our members.

Our executive board is made of a:

President: Oversee all aspects of the club, chair all EC meetings and draft agendas for general meetings, and ensures that the Club is abiding by the Constitution, By-laws and Policies of the Students’ Society of McGill University.

VP Internal: Responsible for communication within the EC and with the Students’ Society of McGill University and oversees and coordinate the programming, activities and events of the club.

VP External : Act as representative of the Club to the community within and outside of the University, are responsible for developing healthy relations with student and community organizations within and outside McGill University, and particularly those in the Montreal area and for promoting the image of the Club to the community within and outside McGill University.

VP Communications : The main point of contact between the SSMU VP Clubs and Services and the club, maintain the membership list of the Club.

VP Arts : Responsible for creating and maintaining the Club’s official art assets, oversee and coordinate art tutorials, and keep track of the Club’s equipment used in art tutorials.

VP Technology : Administers the Club’s website, domain name and mail server, overlooks the creation of hardware or software used in the Club’s activities, and provides support and advice to members endeavoring engineering projects in alignment with the Club’s mandate.

 VP Finance: Oversees and coordinates funding for the programming, activities and events of the club, are responsible for the collection of membership fees, ensures the funding and financial stability of the club, and keeps track of all financial transactions and receipts in order to prepare the biyearly audits for the SSMU.